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13 July 2020

Nutraceutics – up-to-date knowledge and approaches

NutraceutikaThe course is focused on description of particular groups of nutraceutics, including adaptogenes, antioxidants, immunostimulants, compounds with anti-inflammatory action, affecting cardiovascular diseases or weight and others that can be used at treatment of different modern lifestyle diseases. Also prospective new directions of nutraceutics development are discussed.

Pharmaceutical analysis

Separační technikyThe course covers not only analytical development in pharmaceutics but partly also quality control area. The lecturers use their rich experience gained when solving real problems in the pharmaceutical R&D and through contacts with the most experienced representatives of pharmaceutical analysis on the worldwide basis. 

Drug research and development, drug design

Statistická analýza laboratorních datDrug research and development is of multidisciplinary character today. The course deepens and develops essential knowledge in pharmaceutical chemistry in combination with other pharmaceutical and biological branches of knowledge in terms of drug research and development strategy. The main objective is structure proposal and further optimizations so that a new potential drug met principal bioavailability requirements, i.e. absorption, distribution and binding to receptors.

Analysis of chiral drugs

Hmotnostní spektrometrieThe chirality is considered to be one of the most interesting and important stereochemical phenomena in the drug R&D. Drugs with chiral atoms show different pharmacological and toxicological activity in the organism. This course is primarily devoted to approaches to and possibilities of analysis of chiral compounds by separation methods and special chiroptical spectroscopy methods.

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