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Pharmacy & Biochemistry

13 July 2020
VUFB courses

VUFB offers an integrated portfolio of solutions for improvement and further development of professional expertise and competences of specialists and experts working in the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields in the form of trainings, direct consultations and individual advising.

The programme and the content of modules and seminars are based on years of our experience in pharmacy and biomedicine, the pharmaceutical industry and drug research and development.

VUFB provides hard skills training, including professional courses, lectures, seminars and workshops. Our lecturers and trainers are experienced Czech and foreign professionals.

In cooperation with a partner company VUFB can provide also soft skills training for middle and top management of the corporate sector as well as training of employees of the public sector and state and private health care institutions.

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Mass Spectrometry

14. 1. 2015, Brno