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13 July 2020
Hard skills

Hard skills

VUFB is primarily focused on running of professional courses aimed at acquisition and development of extensive knowledge in selected fields. The courses are suitable for acquisition of knowledge by beginners and for deepening and extension of specialists' knowledge. Always an essential theoretical basis is presented, and subsequently practical applications are considered

The advantage of the complex programme is that participants get an objective view of the problematics and can develop their practical knowledge based on multiple case studies or discuss problems from their practice with lecturers

VUFB lecturers and trainers are internal or external employees, most of which involve themselves in professional training on a long-term basis and have close contacts with practice.

VUFB pays special attention to involvement of real professionals, specialists and experts in particular problematics, as lecturers and trainers in all modules.

The courses are basically held as open courses, so you can enrol for a course by completing and sending a short electronic application form. However, upon customer's request, a particular course can be adapted to the customer's requirements, or a new course can be prepared and implemented in coordination with the customer's management. The structure and content of such projects are based on the company's goals and monitoring of educational needs of the company or the team. The final version of the educational project and the particular structure of the modules are always proposed by VUFB for approval to the customer's authorized persons well in advance.

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