13 July 2020
Course description

Nutraceutics – up-to-date knowledge and approaches

In the introduction of the course used terms are defined, and then individual groups of nutraceutics are described. Individual lectures are devoted to compounds used as adaptogenes, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, compounds used at CFS, calming and stimulating CNS and used at neurodegenerative diseases. Also immunostimulants, compounds used at neoplastic processes and compounds used for tissue protection will be mentioned. Then compounds affecting cardiovascular diseases, weight, GIT care, aging and biorythms and compounds used at hormonal imbalance are discussed. At the end of the course compounds for body design and compounds used during menopause or andropause are presented. The whole course is completed by prospective new directions of nutraceutics development.

The guarantor and the lecturer is Assoc. Prof. Luboš Opletal who deals with this problematics as well as natural drugs and food supplements on a long-term basis. His professional experience guarantees the quality of the whole course.

The course is intended for expert public, pharmacists, health-service personnel and lay persons who would like to take a closer look at nutraceutics.

Interested people can use the following sources as study materials:


Opletal, L.: Natural Compounds and Their Biological Activity, Vol. 1. Nutraceutics – Primary Metabolites and Compounds Contained in Structured Biological Systems. Karolinum, Prague 2010, 378 p.

Databases of food supplements:

Description of used raw materials, information on preparations in human practice (primarily in the USA), application, human side effects and mechanism of action. In English, without fees.

The register of food supplements of the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic for the public: product name (including a short article, mostly as it is shown in the Automated Information System of Medicinal Products – AISLP), manufacturer, applicant, decision issuance, validity and reference number are mentioned. In Czech, without fees.

A comprehensive professional database devoted mostly to food supplements, including information from conferences and monothematic studies with a good possibility of literature utilization. In English, without fees, registration is needed.

Actualities about food safety in the Czech Republic and, partly, in the world, legislation (Czech, EU), respective information from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture (food area). In Czech, without fees, registration is needed.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database is a comprehensive database which is updated daily and contains data about medicinal plants and raw materials for food supplements. It contains indexed, perfect and strictly professional information. In English, for a fee.

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