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13 July 2020
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Separation techniques

Separation methods, primarily HPLC, are still key for purposes of registration documentation. Though these are not new techniques, at development of separation methods it is important to point out all potential ambiguities which could later cause complications at approval of a method within the registration process. Therefore a responsible analyst should know advantages and disadvantages of the used separation method. Within the frame of the course a basic approach to method development and validation of classical HPLC and its modifications UPLC and UHPLC is discussed.

The course also acquaints participants with basic principles and pharmaceutical applications of gas chromatography (GC), supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and extraction methods, for example, supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), etc. The following electromigration separation techniques are discussed: capillary electrophoresis (CE), capillary isotachophoresis (CITP), capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE), capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE), capillary affinity electrophoresis (CAE), micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography (MECC), capillary isoelectric focusing (CIEF) and capillary electrochromatography (CEC). Also combined methods CITP-CE, LC-CE and CE-MS with various ionization techniques are mentioned.

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