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13 July 2020
Course description

Thermal analysis

Thermal methods belong to the oldest ones but they provide data that are in a certain way key for solid-state analysis of pharmaceutically significant compounds and pharmaceuticals.

The objective of the course is not only to acquaint participants with principles of measurement and experimental arrangement but also with interpretation of measuring data, which is a key problem in this case.

The participants will be acquainted with the following principal thermal methods:

  • differential thermal analysis;
  • thermogravimetry;
  • differential compensation calorimetry and its modifications such as hyper DSC, micro DSC, TM DSC;
  • thermally stimulated current (TSC).

The course includes examples from the pharmaceutical R&D and portfolio care. 

The lecturer is Assoc. Prof. Jiří Dohnal whose professional experience guarantees the quality of the whole course.

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