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13 July 2020
Lecturer profile

Martin Čulen, M.Sc.

Mr. Čulen graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno, and at present he is a postgraduate student there. He deals with processing and analysis of biological materials and instrumental analysis in the pharmaceutical industry, but his principal interest is the problematics of biorelevant dissolution. Mr. Čulen attended to this problematics in the R&D Division of Zentiva (Prague), where he worked with the artificial digestive system Golem, evaluating generic and original formulations in terms of prediction of their bioequivalence. He improved the dissolution method for the fasted state and developed a method simulating the fed state on the mentioned apparatus. He was a part of the team that received 2011 Industrial Affairs Innovation Award granted by Sanofi for work with Golem and unique results obtain using this apparatus. Mr. Čulen gives lectures on international conferences based on his knowledge and experience.