Research Institute for 

Pharmacy & Biochemistry

13 July 2020

VUFB offers an integrated portfolio of solutions for improvement and further development of professional expertise and competences of specialists and experts working in the pharmaceutical and biomedicine fields in the form of trainings, direct consultations and individual advising.

The programme and the content of modules and seminars are based on years of our experience in the pharmaceutical and biomedicine spheres, the pharmaceutical industry and the drug research and development.

VUFB also focuses on strategic project management accompanied by consultancy services.

VUFB offers consulting services in strategic portfolio selection. 

VUFB has its own publishing house and specializes in publishing of monographs and specialized journals both in electronic and traditional paper forms.

VUFB offers services of the creation of a concept and equipping of various R&D and QC laboratories: biological, synthetic and analytical, including laboratories for solid-state chemistry, structural analysis and chiral compound analysis.

Based on extensive contacts with eminent experts and laboratories with unique equipment or accredited laboratories, VUFB prepares the following consulting and supporting services:

  • production support 
  • portfolio care
  • troubleshooting
  • introduction of quality management systems
  • QP services for distribution and production of pharmaceuticals
  • PAT application
  • determination of physico-chemical properties of compounds, their optimisation and affecting ADME
  • compatibility studies
  • in vitro bioavailability studies
  • in vitro bioavailability studies in animal models
  • recommendations for drug formulation